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Some Tuttle [Pt 3]


Luckily for all of those who are in Chicago, and not leaving town for a few days [sadly me], Richard Tuttle will be at The Art Institute of Chicago this week. [Richard Tuttle and Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge @ the SAIC Auditoriium, 280 S. Columbus Drive, Chicago on Thursday April 16, 6pm]

The final chapter in my Modifications works (the bleached stuff) is heavily influenced by my fascination with the works of Richard Tuttle.  Part of the strength of Tuttle’s work is that I just cannot pin down why I like them, why I am challenged by them and why the seem so vaild and important to me.  My justifications shift everytime I try to explain it to myself or others.

Anyway, here’s a couple vids.  One of Richard being Violent (trying to be at least) and the other, again from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, of a couple that were avid collectors of Tuttle and loaned the works from the last two posts to the IMA.

Top Image: Richard Tuttle [Waferboard 5, 1996 , courtesy Sperone Westwater

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